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Terms & Conditions

All sales on download orders are FINAL!

Due to the confidential nature of the product keycodes we are unable to accept returns on download items once product keycode has been sent. Customers must be sure they meet the specific system requirements listed for that product prior to purchasing. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the product purchased meets their needs.

Some software is region/country specific!

Please make sure (prior to purchasing) that the product listing does not state a regional limitation that does not comply with your location.

Lost keycodes cannot be replaced after 60 days!

For security purposes keycodes are kept on file for up to 60 days after purchase. If you lose your keycode more than 60 days after your order was placed we will not be able to provide it again. This is why we recommend you store the keycode in a safe location (outside of your computer’s hard drive) in case the keycode is lost. Additionally, we are not responsible for replacing a lost keycode with a new one.

We also recommend that you make a backup copy of the installation files, in case it is needed for any future installations.

Customers Receiving KenSoft Support!
In the unlikely case that a customer experiences an issue with their download product, we require that customers follow the minimal technical support procedures given by KenSoft staff. Without this compliance we will be unable to offer a resolution, at the fault of the Customer.