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Refund policy

Cases at which return is possible

  1. The duplicated orders. If system on what or, to the reasons has sold to you two identical keys instead of two different.
  2. If sold system of the key has appeared not efficient.
  3. If the system, after your successfully complete payment, on any to the reasons could not give out or send you on indicating you an e-mail premium a key in a current of 7 days.

Cases at which return is not possible

  1. Simultaneous purchase of a number of different premium keys. Scenario where the user gets a few keys, applies them, choose one that best suits his needs, and then tries to get a refund for all the other keys that do not fit him, is regarded as unfair. In this case, the refund is not made.
  2. The funds will not be returned to you, if you got the key and you decided that you do not need to have purchased the key, but the key is absolutely workable.

Rules of return of means

In order to receive a refund, you must provide us with your valid email address and the data (the date of purchase, payment method), which was made an order for our E-Mail ([email protected]). We are not responsible for the failure to obtain a key from an invalid email address provided by you. The client is completely responsible for granting of a void e-mail address.