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Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 [1PC-1Y]

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 [1PC-1Y]
Price: $ 35.00   $ 59.95
Availability: In Stock
Model: KIS20151Y1PC
Category: Products / Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 is the latest edition of Kaspersky's comprehensive security suite, which delivers antivirus, a firewall, browsing protection, antispam, exploit prevention, parental controls, an ad blocker, parental controls and more.

The latest build now tackles "camfecting", illicit attempts to access a webcam. Kaspersky's Application Control module tracks any programs which try to connect to the webcam, warns you of access attempts and blocks access if necessary.

There's brand new protection from Cryptolocker-type malware. Kaspersky's System Watcher now looks out for suspect programs trying to modify user files, and immediately backs up the originals. If the suite finds the changes were malicious then not only will the malware be removed, but you'll get your original documents back, too. (This isn't infallible - backups will be deleted when Kaspersky Internet Security is closed - but it's still a welcome step forward.)

Elsewhere, the firewall has been extended to check the security of wi-fi hotspots and warn of problems, like a vulnerable network connection or passwords being transferred in plain text. You can even have the program block transfer of unencrypted passwords at all, although this isn't enabled by default (see Settings > Protection Center > Firewall).

One smaller change sees Kaspersky's Safe Money module now block other applications from accessing the web browser clipboard (sounds good, though we're surprised it didn't do that before). And there are a raft of improvements elsewhere: faster startup time, reduced resources consumption, smarter parental controls, improved compatibility, and more.

All this is presented in a simplified, subdued interface. Plain buttons highlight four main task areas: "Scan", "Updater", "Safe Banking" and "Parental Controls". Click any of these and a new pane fades into place, for the most part also keeping options to the minimum. But this is nicely balanced, and experts can also call up more detail very quickly. Click "Show Additional Tools" > "Application Tools", say, and in-depth information on all your running processes is only seconds away.

There's a good set of new features here, then, but Kaspersky Internet Security's real strength lies in its very solid protection. As we write, AV-Comparatives May 2014 Real-World Protection Test found Kaspersky blocked 99.9% of attacks (and even the 0.1% didn't result in a compromised system): check out the latest scores here.

Includes a 1-PC, 1-Year licence.

Product Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 [1-PC]
Version 2016
Manufacturer Kaspersky Lab
Languages English

Installing Kaspersky Software
You cannot install a brand new security suite such as this Kaspersky product, unless you've removed your previous security suite, even in trial mode. You may need to the official removal tool for your previous security software to make sure it's fully removed from your system.

Uninstalling Kaspersky Software
You can uninstall your Kaspersky software using Add/Remove Programs in your Windows Control Panel.
If this fails for any reason, use the official Kaspersky Removal Tool to fully remove the security suite from your computer. Go to the official Removal Tool download page to download and to find more information.